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Mahajana Group Annual Gettogether

The Annual Employee Get Together was held at the newly build infrastructure Mahajana Super, more than 100 Employees and their family members took part in this great motivational event.

Zamreen Zarook led the show with an employee training and motivation program, new executive teams were announced and awards for Outstanding Achiever of the Year and Employee of the Year awards were given out as well.

R.Radhakrishnan was awarded the outstanding achiever of the year award for 2016.

K.Velayudhan, was honored for his services that has continued at Mahajana Group for more than 35 Years.

S.Pajurdeen was honored for his services that lasted for 31 Years at Mahajana Stores.

Mohammed Shahid was honored for his excellent services for the benefit and upliftment of Mahajana Group, for more than 25 Years,




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