We came up with the concept of Mahajana Super when no one actually believed in the change. Racked up shelves, merchandised items, compuetered operations, uniformed staff- realization of a rise in supermarkets were not evident back then.

And we are proud to host the Country's Largest Independent Modern Trade.

Mahajana Homes was the answer to a one stop shopping experience. We at Mahajana Group took measures to make sure that modern trade is done right, not just coping with the basics but as a whole. Mahajana Homes is not just equipped with products and services that fulfills your home, but also with individuals who will help you make the right decisions.  

Mahajana Stores was the begining of them all. It is where boys became men, it is where our step by step development began.  Mahajana Stores, who dealt in bulk necessities in the central region laid the stepping stown for an array of improvisation

Mahajana Real Estate, as the name suggests was legally born with the establishment of "Mahajana Complex" formerly known as "Gampola Complex". A mall like location servicing many needs of the locals was our first "out of the comfort zone" project that we are still proud of.

Mahajana Oil, a Product of Mahajana Oil Importers was launched in 2009. Equipped with machineries and state of the art refining process, Mahajana Oil Importers will soon host the Mahajana Oil 3Litres and 5 Litres.

A company that wishes to touch every aspect of a Upcountry guest cannot be complete without providing them with the finest upcountry tea.

The solution to our taste buds are here, namely "Mahajana Tea".


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We are led by next generation youngsters, 

who like to build strong and energetic teams.


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