The Mahajana Mozart of Tea has been a hit in the taste buds of our customers. The goodwill behind the brand is truly something we never take for granted. Understandable as new consumers emerge and to keep up the name of “Up Country Tea” alive, it was time for us to innovate.
Hence Mahajana Premium Tea is here, in Regular, Masala and Vanilla Flavors.
Our new Mahajana Premium Masala Tea is something that needs to be tried out. Have you ever fancied that Chai in Tamilnadu or in the suburbs of India? Or in the Indo Pakistani Tea Shops in Melbourne or in the Bronx? We have created a crafted Masala Flavor that is been added to our already fantastic Tea Dust to make it more mesmerizing and spicy. 
If a sip of our Masala Tea makes you feel wonderful, that is the return to our investment.